Pigeon Slow Juicer

₹ 8,995.00



Item Details

  • 150W, 60 RPM - Made of 100% Food Grade Plastic
  • 1. Anti-Skid feet 2. Easy to assemble & clean 3. Negligible noise 4. Juice Extraction Maximum time 15 Mins
  • 1. Easy to carry with in-built handle 2. Made of superior virgin ABS which gives shine & strength 3. Overload protection
  • Uses Cold Pressing technology to squeeze out the juice
  • Preserves nutrients & enzymes because of squeezing at very low RPM which avoids heat generation
  • Maximizes juice extraction with the perfect amount of fiber & other nutrients
  • Warranty: 2 years Manufacturing Warranty on Product
  • Power: 150 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 volts
  • Includes 1. Hopper 2. Auger Head 3. Filler 4. Bowl 5. Pusher 6. Clean brush 7. Pulp Cup 8. Juice Cup 9. Base

  • Pigeon Modern Cucina SJ 1.0 works on the unique technology of not using a blade at high speed to smash the food item, rather on slowly compressing the fruit or vegetable to squeeze the juice out till 100% extraction is done. The lower speed also ensures lesser heat, thus preserving nutrients and enzymes along with minimal juice separation and foaming. It can be your daily partner at breakfast & serve you with thick, pulpy & nutritious juices of your taste. It comes with 2 customized containers for collecting pulp & juice. It is easy to assemble & operate & is also dishwasher safe.

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