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                                              Cleaning                Ignition

   Uniquely Designed            Brass                  Designer             High Thermal
        Pan Supports              Burners                  Knobs                 Efficiency



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Don’t let LPG Cooking tie you down. Turn to faster cooking. Safe, efficient and beautifully built, Gilma’s range of cooktops are designed to get your cooking as relaxed as possible. Its technology prevents wastage of heat and ensures smooth, quick and flawless cooking. Its sleek frame offers both portability and easy cleaning.


  • Burner (nos): 3
  • Auto Ignition: Yes
  • Finish: Glass
  • Burner: Brass

Stovekraft Pvt Ltd warrants to the purchaser of this Gilma LPG Stove for a period of 2 Years commencing from the date of purchase of the product, the company will repair or replace free of charge any part or parts of the product, should the company be fully satisfied in its sole direction, that the defects is/are due to faulty material or workmanship only. The warranty will be governed by the following clauses.
1) The company or their authorized service Agent/Director will repair/replace all the parts that are falling due to faulty material or defective workmanship pertaining to the above product.
2) Only the company or its authorized service Agent/Dealer can service/repair or attend to install/reinstall the above product.
3) No on-site warranty will be executed. The warranty will be executed only at authorized service centers and in which the authorized representative/Dealer is situated including outstation locations. All to and fro travelling and other incidental expenses as prevailing from time to time incurred in connection with the visit of the purchaser to the service location for the purpose of execution of warranty shall be borne by the said purchaser only.
4) The warranty extended herein is in lieu of all implied conditions and warranties under the law and is confined to the repair or replacement of defective parts and does not cover any consequential or resulting liability, damage or loss arising from such defects. Furthermore, the warranty in no case shall extend to the replacement or return of the product as a whole.
5) This warranty does not cover corrosive, plastic and glass components adding decorative value to the product.
6) The warranty is issued subject to Jurisdiction of Bangalore Court of Law.
7) The warranty is covered by force Majeure clause. In the event of the above product struck by any natural calamity. This warranty stands null and void.


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