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Kiwi Phirni Recipe

Fusion Recipes – Kiwi Phirni

Mistletoes above the door, a tree in the hall, wreaths on the wall and kiwis on the table. Bring in the Christmas green with Kiwi Phirni.
· Boil one liter of milk.
· Add about 50 grams of rice flour to it and stir.
· Add sugar and a dash of cardamom powder & let it simmer briefly until it’s thick and creamy.
· Let it cool for some time.
· Puree two kiwis with a pinch of nutmeg powder and stir into the phirni for the green Christmas colour.
· Pour into bowls and refrigerate.
· Add a thin slice of kiwi to garnish and serve.
Strawberry Kheer Recipe

Fusion Sweets Recipe – Strawberry Kheer

Christmas and Strawberry Season go hand-in-hand. Dive into this delicious twist of an Indian favorite. #ChristmasFusions
· Boil approximately two cups of milk.
· Fry half a cup of vermicelli till it is light gold in a teaspoon of ghee.
· Stir well with the milk.
· Add half a cup of fresh cream while stirring.
· Powder a few cardamom seeds and add to the mix.
· Add half a cup of sugar.
· After ten minutes, when the mixture thickens, add a teaspoon of rose water.
· Stir and take it off the heat.
· Puree five to six strawberries and mix it with the kheer once it cools down for the red Christmas colour.
Garnish with dry fruits such as cashew and raisins