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healthy juice recipe

Five great and delicious ways to detox your body with the Pigeon Pure Slow Juicer

Think you know your juice recipes? Think again!

Looking for a nice cleansing? Here are five great and delicious ways to detox your body with the Pigeon Slow Juicer before you get to the next party madness.

The Green Ginger Detox

Get your fix of green to be at the pink of your health! All you need is the following ingredients blended together.

Pigeon slow juicer


Beet The Heat Detox

Here’s the fun kind of red in the glass and not the alcoholic one! Rich in antioxidants, it’s time to pump in some healthy vitamins to nourish yourself.

Beet juice recipes


Grassy Spinach Lemonade

Sick of the usual kind of lemonade? Here’s a 2018 style one hitting your glass and fuelling you with energy for your workout regimes. Grab the following ingredients and get supercharged!

juice recipe


The Cleansing Carrot

A juice even Bugz Bunny wouldn’t give a miss! Here’s a Vitamin A, B and K rich drink that’ll up your cleansing game in no time! Pleasantly sweet with the tartness of apples this one you simply can’t skip.

Carrot juice recipe


The Orange Escapade

No this isn’t a cocktail, this is the king of Vitamin C drinks loaded with essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Potassium and Copper that tastes just like heaven! Blend these easily available ingredients and dive into a glass or two every week!

Healthy juice recipes


Start each day with any of these delicious drinks and clean your system naturally. Actively detoxify to maintain a healthy body and mind.

The Pigeon Slow Juicer is your juice buddy for every day of the week! Easy to make, easy to clean!

Mother's Day Recipes

Great Breakfast Treats for Mother’s Day

It’s time to give back to your mum by giving her a delicious day off. Surprise her with some scrumptious breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day.

Below are a few great recipes that are easy to make! Pigeon Kitchen Appliances has a wide range of cookware and appliances that you can experiment with to make these delicious dishes! Go ahead, we’re sure she won’t mind if you make the kitchen just a little messy on her special day.

Strawberry Sweet Rolls

Kick start the day with a sweet surprise with delicious Strawberry Sweet Rolls. Feed your mum’s sweet tooth and get her jumping up for breakfast. Here’s a great recipe for Strawberry Sweet Rolls.

Mother's Day Recipes


Banana Bread

You’ll have your mum going bananas in no time with this cool banana bread recipe. Get creative and perhaps add a few walnuts or chocolate chips to it! Heat up a Pigeon OTG because here’s an easy recipe that’ll get things started.

Mother's Day Recipes


Mimosa Fruit Salad

Go in for the simple fruity surprise with a Mimosa Fruit salad. The goodness of every colour in a bowl is simple what your mother needs on her special day to get kick-started. Cut up those fruits quick and easy with a Pigeon Handy Chopper! Easiest recipe ever.

Mother's Day Recipes


Cinnabun Cake

There’s literally no rule book that says you can’t start the day with delicious cake! Especially when there’s reason to celebrate. Warm up this aromatic rich delicious mother’s day wish with the Pigeon Oven.

Mother's Day Recipes


Maple Oatmeal with Cranberries and Pistachios

Got a thing for the health factor? Pack in a healthy punch to surprise with a delicious Maple Oatmeal with Cranberries and Pistachios mix! Heat up that Pigeon Titanium Sauce Pan because here’s a simple recipe to get things going.

Mother's Day Recipes


Peaches and Banana Muffins

Dessert for breakfast? This treat hits the right spot! Sweet, sinking bites that will instantly show your mom just how much you love her. You can also air fry it with the Pigeon Oven for a healthier option. Make a batch in no time with this easy to make recipe.

Mother's Day Recipes