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pigeon_kitchen_stovekraft_infinity cooktop

Eight reasons why Pigeon Infinity is the superhero you need in your kitchen.

Now, when we tell you the superhero of your kitchen is here, we aren’t quite referring to your mother. While mom’s food is great (there’s no contesting that), that’s also the most emotional card one can play at any game and get away with. But hey, we’re talking some serious day saving and cooking today!

1. Strong as an Ox

Cooking for ten? Then you know that giant vessel of gravy is going to feel like the world on your shoulders when you try to lift it. But hey, until then, marvel at the ease with which the Infinity holds it up high whilst cooking, like there’s no tomorrow.

You could say its strength is almost… superhuman!

pigeon_stovekraft_pigeon kitchen appliances_infinity cooktop (3)


2. Sturdy to the base

Coupled with superhuman strength, the Infinity can take the weight of up to 200kgs without moving a cm. This means that even slippery surfaces, uneven kitchen counters and random harlem shakes will be braved with ease. The strategically placed skid-proof stands will keep the stove from unintentionally doing the Ajay Devgan splits.

pigeon_stovekraft_pigeon kitchen appliances_infinity cooktop (2)


3. Bulletproof

Made from high grade stainless steel material strengthening it from all sides and reinforced with 8 mm thick toughened glass on top, we’ve got one hell of a bullet dodger. Now feel free to bring out your clumsy side (provided your folks don’t see it) and drop that pressure cooker accidentally – the Pigeon Infinity will forgive you like nothing happened to it… because nothing did.

pigeon_stovekraft_pigeon kitchen appliances_infinity cooktop


4. No Visible Weakness

With no visible pipes or unnecessary fittings, we’ve got the sleekest boss in the kitchen yet. With no opportunity to rust unlike most cook tops which have a little trouble down under, the Pigeon Infinity is built to have no apparent weakness whatsoever. This beautiful beast is built to age like fine wine or Milind Soman. Or both.

pigeon_stovekraft_pigeon kitchen appliances_infinity cooktop (3)


5. Easy Going

Neatness aficionados rejoice! A few wipes and swipes is all it takes to make the Pigeon Infinity look as good as new. Our superhero is finished with non-stick material with literally no fittings making it super easy to clean. So let yourself loose with those oil splashes, over-boiling milk and everything else that gets you grounded. You can get away with even food fights.

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6. Plenty of Firepower

What good is a superhero if he does have the right powers to fight? The Infinity is packed with the most powerful flamethrowers. Introducing Jumbo Burners – now making cooking easier and way more efficient.

Light. Set. Cook.

pigeon_stovekraft_pigeon kitchen appliances_infinity cooktop (1)


7. Built Outwards

Unlike most cooktops, the Pigeon Infinity is crafted inside out. To put it simply, just like one would start suiting up with their underwear, the Pigeon Infinity is smartly crafted outwards from the basic parts inside to make sure the exteriors look sharp and grab your attention.

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8. Looks Damn Good

What’s the one superpower that every superhero always gets away with? Dashing good looks, of course! The Infinity has beautifully designed to be as minimal and aesthetic as possible.

Even if your cooking skills aren’t quite making the mark, you still have the most gorgeous appliance to show off and get heads turning.

Sleek. Solid. Leaves hearts racing.pigeon_stovekraft_pigeon kitchen appliances_infinity cooktop (4)


Leave no dish uncooked. Leave no vessel un-challenged. It’s time to bring home your saviour.

Bring home the Pigeon Infinity Cooktop today and find yourself the envy of your friends.

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Eight Reasons Why You Need Pigeon Titanium In Your Kitchen.

A real master chef knows that his weapons need to be of the right make before they go out to battle. Pigeon’s preparing you with the best in steel that gives your kitchen the edge it needs to prepare the finest dishes that have ever graced your dining table.

Here are eight reasons why you need Pigeon Titanium in your kitchen today.

1. Cooks Faster, Saves Energy.

When that third instruction in the cookbook says leave to simmer, you want it to simmer within the right amount of time – and not leave you feeling like you’ve aged a day. We’re perfectionists in the process of making great food.

Save energy while cooking at the right pace.

Pigeon kitchen appliances Titanium Cookware


2. Five Year Warranty.

To put things into perspective or perhaps more impactful words, that’s HALF A DECADE. Pigeon sorts out your cookware for five long years leaving you stress-free while giving you the right tools to up your cooking game.

Acquire once and leave any grievances to us for the next five years.

Pigeon Titanium Cookerware


3. Made From 99.9% Virgin Aluminium.

We like to ensure perfectly even cooking. Pigeon cookware is made from 99.9% virgin aluminum (we can’t be absolutely perfect, that would be unfair). We know you don’t want one side of your food warmer, tastier or slightly overcooked than the other – we ensure a perfect balance.

Pigeon Titanium Cookware



4. Soft Touch Handles.

We understand that you value your kitchen creation and while you have your sides to go with the meal, you wouldn’t particularly appreciate cooking your palms in the process by mistake and served back to you.

Pigeon’s Titanium series has the classiest soft touch handles for you to place your masterpiece on the dining table with absolute respect yet with tender loving care.

Safe, comfortable cooking.

Pigeon Titanium Cookware


5. Metal Ladles Can Be Used.

Worried about the scratch marks on the inner surface? Don’t be. Our products are reinforced enough to handle metal ladles and if you’re adventurous & thinking Japanese food for the night, even samurai swords.

Pigeon Titanium Cookware


6. Thermal Efficient.

Packing the heat just right so that your food cooks just right. Our cookware is thermally efficient faster by retaining the heat in the vessel and preventing it from escaping.

Pigeon Titanium Cookware


7. LPG Compatible.

Feel free to turn up the heat. Our hard anodised cookware is LPG compatible and capable of withstanding high flame cooking for prolonged periods.

Pigeon Titanium Cookware


8. Toxin/ Stain Resistant, Non-Food Reactive.

Don’t fret about unexpected ingredients in your food from our cookware. Our products are completely non-food reactive and toxin-resistant which means what you put in your creation is what you get. Nothing more just safe eating.

Pigeon Titanium Cookware


We could give you more reasons to go titanium but then we’d run out of writing space. Pick up your Pigeon Titanium Cookware and become a kitchen master today. This one’s definitely putting more friends in your phonebook.

Pigeon Titanium Cookware